Custom LED Spectrum Design by Yuji LED

Do you need a customized spectral power distribution (SPD) for your lighting application? Yuji LED offers a range of custom LED spectrum design solutions through our extensive R&D abilities and phosphor expertise. A custom LED spectrum is extremely well suited for horticultural grow light applications, aquariums, and other specialty industrial applications.

Many plant growth light suppliers offer the ability to provide custom LED spectra by providing the option to mix and match monochromatic LEDs, leaving you with complicated electronics and system design. The discrete colors may also be visible to the end-user and fail to mix completely, leaving you with a sub-optimal spectral and light distribution.

Custom spectrum LED grow lights often have multiple different colored LEDs combined to create the spectral output.

Yuji LED offers a custom LED spectrum solution by packaging the same spectrum into a single LED device. No more mixing and matching monochromatic LEDs or dealing with different forward voltages. We provide the entire spectrum in a single SMD or COB device. This provides a much simpler, yet customized LED solution, with a light spectrum that matches exactly what you’re looking for but with ease of integration.

If you need a customized, full spectrum solution, we can offer this through a wide selection of blue and violet die and phosphor products across the entire visible range. Perhaps rather than a full spectrum coverage, only certain parts of the spectrum are desired. Either way, we can offer a fully customized solution for your particular application.

Download a free copy of our custom spectrum simulator to see your own custom spectrum become a reality!

Yuji LED custom spectral design software allows you to realize different simulated spectral graphs.

Yuji LED custom spectral design software provides the ability to match a grow light spectrum for photosynthesis.

Yuji LED custom spectral design software allows for ultra-high CCT while maintaining high CRI.

Yuji LED custom spectral design software allows for ultra-high CCT of 10000K at high CRI.

Yuji LED custom spectral design software allows for a phosphor converted red LED.

Yuji LED custom spectral design software allows for a custom full spectrum white LED.


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