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ZYP555G3 - YAG yellow phosphor for LEDs

ZYP555G3 is a novel yellow phosphor product for white LEDs independently developed by our company. Due to the fact that its emission peak wavelength is at 555nm, which corresponds to the most sensitive human visual wavelength, it has the highest brightness among all the yellow phosphors. In comparison with other similar products in the market, it is best applied to the manufacture of white LED package products, owing to its high brightness, high thermal stability, and excellent safety and environmental protection.

Excitation Wavelength 450-460 nm
Primary Emission 555±1 nm
Dominant Emission 569±1 nm
D50 14±1 um
Relative Brightness 126-130
CIE X=0.437±0.003

Type: YAG
Appearance: Yellow crystal powder.
Component: Rare earth garnet.
Stability: No decomposability in water, strong stability from -50C to 300C in air.
Safety: Meets RoHS standards, contains no radiation, no toxicity. Poses no hazard to humans or the environment.
Usage: Can be applied to packaging highly bright 6000-7000K (CCT) white LEDs with blue chips.
Can be used to manufacture 2700-4500K (CCT) warm white LEDs with red phosphors.
Can be used to manufacture high color rendering white LEDs with other phosphors.
Directions: Weigh the phosphor and epoxy or silicone in the correct concentration and mix them evenly. Pump in the vacuum chamber to eliminate air bubbles before package in LEDs for testing. Adjust the concentration as needed and repeat the above steps until the desired CIE is achieved (it can also be mixed with other phosphors).
Packaging: 100g/bottle.
Storage: Keep products sealed in packaging and store in a clean and dry environment. Avoid long term exposure to air.

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