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Beijing International Lighting Exposition 2013

Posted: 2013/05/14

On April 26, 2013, we attended the Beijing International Lighting Exposition. Here in China, the ground-zero of LED manufacturing, we continue to see advancing technologies and falling prices for all LED products. Many LED lights have attained 100+ lm/W efficiency and CRI numbers have shown a dramatic improvement from the past few months with many reaching 90+Ra.

A large number of companies were in attendance, including LED package, lighting and testing manufacturers, attesting to the vast recent growth and expansion of the industry. Many companies had very sophisticated and knowledgeable staff providing very helpful information about their products, however, the same can not be said for the others. Not all companies are created equal - while many companies' product quality and production were clearly superior, many were of noticeably of lower quality, stressing the importance of distinguishing reliable suppliers of LED products.

Author: Alex

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