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3rd Meeting of the International SSL Alliance

Posted: 2013/07/12

On July 10, 2013, representatives from Beijing Nakamura-Yuji Science and Technology Co., Ltd participated in the third International SSL Alliance Technical Committee on Standardization (ISA TCS) meeting in Beijing.

The meeting was hosted by Mark McClear, Director of Business Development at Cree. With companies such as Samsung, Kaneka in attendance, the purpose of the meeting was to confirm and reaffirm the development of previously discussed issues and topics in the SSL industry as well as suggest new proposals for new standardization policy in SSL. The primary topics of discussion included standardized international collaboration in the SSL industry, shortening and accelerating the time required for aging tests, more specifically defining terms in the plant lighting sector, and methods of green manufacturing and recycling of semi-conductor lighting products.

As a member of International Semi-conductor Lighting Industry Alliance and the manufacturer of LED phosphors, Beijing Nakamura-Yuji Science and Technology Co., Ltd strives to continue providing constructive feedback and suggestions on the standardization and normalization of semi-conductor lighting.

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