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How NOT to use cool-white LED lighting effectively

Posted: 2013/09/25

We previously discussed how cool-white LEDs, although usually disliked particularly in residential applications, can be used very effectively in areas such as retail where cooler, high energy appearance is desired.

We also discussed how there is no "correct" color temperature and that much is up to the end user. However, here is an application where clearly, high color temperature LEDs might not be the best approach.

Cool-white cupcakes, anyone?

This only stresses the importance of education in lighting and making sure that not only do the end purchasers of lighting products understand basic lighting concepts, but they also understand the qualitative effects that they have on people who see the lighting.

Unappetizing looking cookies

The store (which will not be named in case of legal issues) seems to use LED light strips mounted on the underside of the food display case. It's too bad that despite the extensive discussions involved with the purchasing and sale of these lights, an unideal color temperature was chosen.

Strangely, the store in general has warm-white lighting despite the cool-whites used for the food display case.

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