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LED Sky Screen at Beijing's The Place

Posted: 2013/09/17

The Place is a high-end shopping center located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. The entire canopy is made up of LEDs, with the entire screen measuring 250 meters long and 30 meters wide. The designer is Hollywood stage designer Jeremy Railton, who has earned the Oscar Award and four Emmy Awards. LED technology provides shoppers with a view of fantastic colors, and people are able to appreciate LED with the rapid development of modern technology the perfect combination of optics.

LED displays such as these are commonly seen in various venues where a large display area is required.

Large sporting venues often have LED display screens

Unlike white-LED lamps for typical residential use which use a single blue LED chip and phosphor conversion, these LED displays render images using the red, blue and green chips that are mounted inside each pixel. Using a complex computer processing system in the background, each of these red, blue and green chips emit at a different brightness, allowing each pixel to represent a different color.

The red, blue and green chips emit light in different proportions, allowing each pixel to emit a different color.

The whole ceiling is made of LEDs. LED has begun to catch people’s attention.

LEDs make the Commercial Street magnificent.

The LED canopy renders different pictures.

Each LED pixel produces a different color.

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