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LEDs in modern architechture - Parkview Green

Posted: 2013/07/21

Parkview Green is a modern, mixed-use commercial development property located in the heart of the Central Business District of Beijing. Built in May 2011, the building showcases modern environmental technologies allowing for up to 50% less energy consumption compared to other properties of this size.

Complementing this futurstic complex that houses shops, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, offices and a boutique hotel is a long, suspension bridge that spans the inside of the building.

The architectural style is very modern with this bridge allowing visitors access across the mall.

The center and edges feature blue LED lighting, creating a cool effect.

A close-up showing how the blue lighting is installed

The blue lights are also featured on the underside.

It's nice to see LEDs being incorporated into all kinds of new, innovative modern designs. Can you imagine how troublesome it would be to have to replace this lighting if they were incandescent lights? Not to mention the energy savings!

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1250 Oakmead Parkway Suite 210
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA

Room 1502, Building No.6
Jia No.2 North Xisanhuan Road
100081, Beijing, China