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Survey: Majority of consumers care most about light quality

Posted: 2013/06/30

If you're about to make a purchase decision about LED lighting, what do you care most about? Do you care about lifetime, price, ease of installation or light quality? Or something else?

McKinsey recently conducted a survey to evaluate which criteria various consumers and professionals considered to be most important. They survey asked respondents to select up to three criteria that they considered to be the most important, and the results for the first decision criterion were tallied up.

The respondents chose among the following criteria:

  • Lifetime of light source
  • Purchasing price of light source
  • Fixture design affected by light source
  • Light quality (defined as CRI, color temperature, color consistency and light distribution)
  • Light controllability
  • Life cycle cost/energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Other

Except for the residential sector, respondents in all categories selected light quality as their most important decision criterion. Unfortunately, the nature of LED lighting technology is such that oftentimes quality of light is sacrificed for quantity of light. We at Beijing Yuji utilize a new, different technology to create white LED light which allows us to achieve excellent light quality (up to 98 CRI) while maintaining high efficiency. Through our expertise in LED phosphor and packaging technology, we continuously strive to offer our customers the best lighting quality possible. If you're a lighting installer or wholesaler, why not begin sourcing our products to offer your customers? Contact us for more information or for more details about the conducted study!

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