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Powerful marketing for LED lighting

Posted: 2013/08/25

With power shortages following the large earthquake in 2011 and a strong marketing push for switching to energy efficient solutions, Japan has emerged as a leader of LED lighting adoption. While simple cost-of-ownership analysis and payback period calculations are the norm for promoting LEDs over conventional lighting, some marketing tactics target our softer side.

Take a look at this TV commercial by Toshiba emphasizing the significance of 10-year LED lifetimes:

We also spotted some advertising in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills for Toshiba LEDs also emphasizing the 10 year significance. Starting with day one being a young man's 17th birthday, snapshots of his life until he has gets married and has his first child are shown across the large billboard.

Starting from Day 1...

Until day 3653!

Each frame on the top shows a snapshot of the man's life including his university graduation, coming-of-age celebration, fighting with his father, first employment, meeting his girlfriend and getting married.

This roughly translates to "LEDs by Toshiba. We will illuminate your 10 years."

It's a pretty dramatic way to advertise LED lights but it surely is a powerful way to portray the significance of 10 years!

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