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Silhouette Lamp by Mark Parsons

Posted: 2013/10/04

Mark Parsons, a Canadian designer based in Australia, has created an "adaptable and removable LED light fixture."

The lamp, shaped like a traditional A-type, uses LED light strips along the edges to create a "silhouette."

According to Parsons, "the construction of the housing itself was proposed as painted aluminium with white, matte, non-toxic, non-VOC paint. The battery housing would have the same material and the battery itself would be a lithium iron-phosphate battery."

With developments in LED lighting technology, lamp designers are seeing a whole new frontier of design possibilities. This is primarily due to the fact that LEDs are inherently very small light sources (e.g. a 5050 SMD is 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm), release little heat and therefore pose less fire risk. Also, because LEDs consume less electricity, the wiring does not be as thickly insulated, or in Parsons' design, can run on a battery. This significantly frees up designers with added flexibility.

Though Parsons' concept is not commercially available as a product yet, be on the lookout for cool LED designs such as this one in the coming years!

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