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Using LEDs in modern designs - Liberty Lamp by Danny Kuo

Posted: 2013/07/14

Liberty Lamp allows for flexibility in the way we use light.

Danny Kuo is a designer from the Netherlands who recently designed a lamp using LEDs called Liberty Lamp. With recent developments in LED lighting technologies, new and innovative designs have become possible, particularly in the design space with increased flexibility and adaptability. The lamp consists of 33 panels with LEDs mounted on them, with the panels allowing the light angle to be rotatable 180 degrees.

Liberty Lamp in the fully open setting, for direct lighting.

Liberty Lamp half closed.

Liberty Lamp in the fully closed setting, for indirect lighting.

The design, according to Danny, is "a model that represents my idea of using LED's in new shapes in a variety of circumstances. Basically: open the lamp for direct light when you need to read or work, and close the light for indirect light when you're dining."

Although he had contacts at Philips, they were only able to offer him a limited number of OLED products. Instead, he purchased LED light strips from a local shop. One of his challenges was finding the ideal color temperature for his lamp. He originally chose the lowest color temperature (most yellow) available, but when Danny tested his design in a restaurant, the color temperature still seemed a little too high.

Liberty Lamp in the Making

Each panel consists of SMD LEDs mounted in a line, with each panel connected via the white wire.

A total of 33 panels are used.

Each panel is connected to the circular frame.

Once all linked up, the panels create an elegant, circular design.

According to Danny: "World citizens are no longer tied to one particular place, city or country. Whether it’s for leisure or work, people are increasingly mobile, and this has effect on the way we live. It requests flexibility and adaptability. This is why these are the keywords in my work and life."

Look for possible cooperation between Beijing Yuji x Danny Kuo in the future - talks about designing and marketing new versions of the Liberty Lamp are under way.

Check out his other works here.

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