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Yuji LED announces new 500W COB

Posted: 2016/04/20

After 2 years of development, Yuji LED is excited to announce its successful release of the 500W High CRI LED COB. Possessing both very high CRI and high light output, our seasoned R&D team has been able to build upon its expertise to develop a high-precision product that is able to overcome many of the heat management issues faced by high output LED devices.

Product Features

1) High CRI of 95+

This product is very suitable for applications in film & theater, where high light quality in a high light output format is necessary. This is the world’s first 300W+ High CRI COB.

2) Small LES (Light Emission Surface)

With a diameter of only 19 mm, the Yuji 500W COB has the smallest emission area for an LED of its power class. This allows for very high power densities where there are size limitations, and also allows for excellent optical controllability.

3) Customization requests

Building upon its existing families of SMDs and lower power COB LED platforms, we extend our SPD and custom color point customization capabilities to our newest 500W platform.

ParameterYuji LED Chinese Manufacturer X Japanese Manufacturer Y
Substrate Material AlN AlN Al(Cu)
LES(mm) 19 mm diameter 15*15 mm 34 mm diameter
Power(W) 450 340 500
CRI 95 70 70/80/90
Power Density(W/mm2) 1.59 1.51 0.55
Luminous Output(lm) 23000 24000 59209-71735

We are currently seeking customer requests for beta testing, with pricing of 30% off. Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis and limited to 10 customers.

Please contact us for additional information.

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