BC 1313S

Yujileds® BC series LED is based on the efficient blue (typical 450nm) die, mixing with Yuji advanced phosphors and specifically designed spectral recipes. Although there are more and more nominal “high CRI LED” manufacturers on the market, after relevant tests and analyses, it is proud to say that Yujileds® BC series LED is still one of the top-performing products on the global markets. Achieving typical Ra 97 and minimum Ra 95, the stability and consistent quality in mass production are verified by statistical identification.

Product code If (mA) Vf (V) Luminous Flux (lm) CCT CRI TM-30
Rf / Rg
P3220025.26 300 34-40 750-850 2700K2700K >95 92/99 98
950-1050 6500K6500K
P3220025.35 820-920 3000K 3200K3200K >95 92/99 98
950-1050 5000K 5600K5600K

– Industrial high CRI performance

– 9W power consumption

– 13.4 mm × 13.4 mm chip-on-board LED

– TLCI & TM-30 specified


– High-end architectural lighting

– Photographic/broadcast lighting

– Photoelectric device and relevant research