Machine Vision & Hyperspectral Technology

Machine vision sees differently

Machine vision, including image processing, detects the spectrum in a different way than human eyes. People can sense the lighting wavelength between 400nm and 700nm, that is from deep blue to deep red colors, while the camera sensor “sees” wider reaching to UVB of 300nm and near-infrared of 1000nm. Therefore, LEDs for machine vision, such as hyperspectral imaging (HSI) must meet the needs of the sensor detection band.

Machine vision sees differently

Yujileds® narrow-band monochromatic LEDs for individual wavelengths

We develop and offer a wide range of narrow-band spectral LEDs for individual wavelengths in 300nm – 1000nm. The narrow band generally is limited to 10-30nm FWHM (Full Width at Half Maxima) which creates the specific and precise wavelengths, with the LED groups the multi-spectra lighting with full flexibility of color tuning can be achieved.

Narrow-band monochromatic LEDs

Yujileds® broad-band monochromatic LEDs for superposed wavelengths

Beside the individual wavelength LEDs, we also provide broad-band spectral LEDs with our full line up LED phosphor resources. The Yujileds® broad-band monochromatic LEDs cover 410nm – 900nm with general FWHM of 50nm – 100nm. With the effective tuning recipes, a homogeneous and tunable spectrum system with high color rendition feature and wide wavelength coverage can be designed and achieved.

Broad-band monochromatic LEDs

Full and flexible color gamut with Yujileds® monochromatic LEDs

With Yujileds® monochromatic LEDs, a wider color gamut than sRGB, DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB is available by deep blue, cyan, lime, green, amber and red colors, making the LEDs not only for lighting, but is feasible for high resolution display when applying with our multichromatic LEDs to achieve multi-spectral tuning in one LED.

Yujileds monochromatic LEDs gamut

Yujileds® hyperspectral LED science

Besides the individual LEDs with narrow-band or broad-band spectra, we develop the hyperspectral LEDs with all-full-spectrum in one package. This innovation simplifies the optical design greatly where requires limited space for optical device or high-power requirement.

Deep red / near-infrared enhanced LED

Deep red and near-infrared are important wavelengths for specific applications as horticulture lighting, medical lighting and relevant device or instrument. However there is only the semiconductor red or near-infrared LED in the general market with single bands of typical peak wavelengths of 630nm, 660nm or 730nm. With remarkable phosphor and  LED packaging technologies, Yujileds releases a new 3030 LED with longer-wavelengths enhanced features.

Deep red near-infrared enhanced LED (2)

50% enhanced in 600nm – 800nm

This mid-power LED is designed with Yujileds phosphor solutions for improving deep red and near-infrared spectrum. In the range of 600nm – 800nm, it extends nearly 50% of the relative spectral power distribution than a standard LED.

Homogeneous spectral power distribution and high CRI

For the CCT 6500K, the spectral power is uniformly distributed at the full wavelength without obvious gaps. By achieving 90 CRI, this LED is also friendly to human eyes.

Standard-power hyperspectral LED

This LED is designed with two LED chips of 370nm and 400nm, exciting six different phosphors including the latest two near-infrared phosphors. 

Standard-power hyperspectral LED

Full wavelength coverage

With the shortest wavelength of 370nm chip and the longest wavelength of 800nm phosphor, this full spectrum achieves the coverage from 350nm to 1000nm, which is also the limitation of the test range for general spectrometers. Besides the two peaks of the chip, the spectrum at different wavelengths is distributed evenly with typical 20% relative intensities. The spectral power distribution can be observed more clearly with the logarithmic axis.


Enhanced infrared radiance

One of the main technical breakthroughs of this spectrum is the near-infrared phosphors. The radiant power of current infrared phosphors on the market is weak, discrete and generally can only be observed when converting the axis from standard to logarithmic. For this new full-spectrum, there is no gap between 660nm and 1000nm and the infrared part is as strong as the visual wavelength.

High-power hyperspectral LED

This LED provides even spectral power distribution for all 380nm – 800nm especially with the significantly enhanced infrared, which is in the same radiant level than the visual wavelengths. Up to 5W, this high-power LED provides spectral distribution steadily with any driving currents to keep the excellent spectral quality.

high-power hyperspectral LED

Introduce Yujileds® Spectrum & Chromaticity System

For specific requirements to evaluate more feasibilities, we provide the Yujileds® Spectrum & Chromaticity System online and Pro to simplify the spectral design and analysis. With this full database, the commercially available spectrum sources are all included based on the LED technologies.

spectrum design online
spectrum design pro

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