HE 1919L (LES: 14.0mm)

The HE series LED is designed for creating a new era of LED with high color rendering performance and high luminous efficacy. Improving the luminous efficacy and color rendering of artificial lighting is the top need of customers. However, due to the limitations of traditional technology, if LEDs achieve high color rendering and high luminous efficacy at the same time, customers need to pay extremely high purchase costs. The new technology brought by HE series achieves high light efficacy and high color rendering while reducing costs to a competitive level.

Product code If (mA) Vf (V) Luminous Flux (lm) CCT CRI TM-30
Rf / Rg
P3220015.27 500 32.5 2540 2700K >90 97 / 100

– 16W power consumption
– 19 mm × 19 mm chip-on-board LED
– Ф14mm LES (Light-Emitting Surface)
– Economical and high-efficiency solution
– Vivid color performance


– High-end architectural lighting
– High-end commercial lighting
– Photoelectric device and relevant research