Full Spectrum White LED (VTC Series)

The sun is well recognized as the perfect light source because of its uniform, continuous, broad-spectrum. With the development of artificial lighting technologies, efficiency is improved significantly however the illumination quality gets worse. There is no longer a light source that is like incandescent or halogen with a perfect spectrum, especially when LED is invented and widely applied, while achieving unprecedented energy-saving benefits, we have sacrificed the illumination quality tremendously until the Yujileds® VTC series LEDs come out.

Product code RATED CURRENT CCT Power (W) Luminous Flux(lm) CRI TM-30
Rf / Rg
B3210004.27 480mA 2700K2700K 18 1200 98 97/100 99
B3210004.32 3000K 3200K3200K 18 98 97/100 99
B3210004.40 4000K4000K 18 98 97/100 99
B3210004.50 5000K 5600K5000K 18 98 97/100 99
B3210004.56 5000K 5600K5600K 18 98 97/100 99
B3210004.65 6500K6500K 18 98 97/100 99

– Ultra homogeneous spectrum

– Industrial grade high CRI performance, TLCI & TM-30 specified

– Optimized efficacy for full-spectrum

– Ultra consistent and precise color with Yujileds® SimpleBinning technology

(equal to <3-step MacAdam)

– 280mm (length) × 20mm (width), 48 LEDs

– Typical 480mA, 36V DC

– Constant current driving

– Aluminum substrate for excellent thermal dissipation

– Slim width, easy assembly


– High-end architectural lighting

– Photographic/broadcast lighting

– Horticulture lighting

– Human-centric lighting

– Photoelectric device and relevant research