Color Matrix Solution

Yujileds® color matrix solution, the powerful light engine

Yujileds® matrix aims to provide high-density illumination with high-performance white, tunable-white light and full-color lighting options for a variety of applications that require focusing light, accurate chromaticities and excellent color rendition. The Matrix is developed based on the purpose of simplifying the optical design with the small Light Emitting Surface (LES) to accomplish the spectra mixing.

Color Matrix

Yujileds® high CRI + high power white light

high CRI + high power

The uniquely designed flip-chip LED on the matrix is based on Yujileds® high CRI technology with powerful light energy. Up to 98 CRI, the white light is able to present true colors even in such a limited size.

High CRI + high power are particularly important for professional lighting applications like studio, film shooting, stage, and theater… with Yujileds® high R9t feature, the skin tone can be rendered vividly, and the high TLCI feature is helpful for improving the color correctness under cameras.

Accurate chromaticity control

For the applications of entertainment or architectural lighting, color consistency and stability are extremely important and are affecting the value of the product. However, the wavelength tolerance of general LEDs is quite abroad that generates the consistency risk, in comparison, Yujileds® color matrix solution offers up to 2.5nm binning, securing the tolerance to a great extent.

spectrum tolerance

PC-red technology

Yuji is well-known for its stable and high-brightness nitride red phosphor, in the Yujileds®  color matrix , we develop a red phosphor-converted LED achieving both saturated red color and abroad spectrum. The significance of PC-red is to create pure red with the same dominant wavelength of a semiconductor red LED and keep high CRI when mixing with white light or R/G/B/A system which cannot be feasible for the semiconductor-red LED. In the Yujileds® color matrix product line, both PC-red and semiconductor red are prepared for different needs.

PC-Red technology

Full-color gamut coverage

Color gamut

Compared to a general RGB system, Yujileds® color matrix solution provides richer color gamut coverage significantly, which enables the possibility to create more colors by appropriate tuning programs. This is especially meaningful for film and stage lighting that the lighting designer and director could get more tints to create different lighting environments.

Spectrum & color analysis/customization service

Yujileds® color matrix is fully allocated to our spectrum & color customization support with our advanced Spectrum & Chromaticity System (Pro). By assisting with customer demand analysis, we are confident to help achieve the targeted product design and commercialization effectively to win the business.

spectrum desigen pro

Secure Yujileds® module quality

The Yujileds® color matrix is compliant to our high-quality module standard. Starting from the raw material control, we take full care of the module design, manufacture and quality control:

•         Spectrum mix design;

•         Complex electrical circuit layout design;

•         Raw material source and manufacture;

•         SMT procedure;

•         Consistency control;

•         Optical performance control;

•         Overall module quality contro;


LED color matrix

Flexible options

We develop “All-in-One” and “Chip-on-Board” product styles to match different lighting requirement and the “All-in-One” and “Chip-on-Board” present different features thus they lead to different design paths. The different structure makes the optical, electrical and thermal designs differently, solutions would depend on the specific products accordingly.

All in one solution


The “All-in-One” LED includes up to 7 different colors/CCTs within one compact package, it is the closest LED to a point light source but with rich and comprehensive spectrum mixing recipes, each color/CCT is an individual light source that can achieve full-color functions. The “All-in-One” LED can reach a saturated color gamut in the CIE diagram and excellent white light with accurate chromaticity coordinates.

All in one color selection

Chip-on-Board module

The “Chip-on-Board” LED module style organizes different colors in a CoB style and is more flexible to define different layout designs with more color options. The whole “Chip-on-Board” module is the unit light source that each color on it will be collocated with the adjacent to accomplish the spectra mixing.

CSP Module

Product selection for Yujileds® color matrix