P3230005 (CIE A)

With the iteration of LED technology, especially the technological updating of Yujileds® phosphors. As a leader in LED spectroscopy engineering, we successfully simulated and commercialized CIE illuminators using a single LED for the first time in the world.

CIE Illuminant A, often referred to as standard illuminant A, is a reference light source designed by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) to represent the spectral characteristics of incandescent lamps. It closely resembles the warm, yellowish light emitted by traditional household light bulbs. This illuminant has a smooth spectral distribution across visible wavelengths and is widely used in various applications, including color measurement, photography, and lighting design, to simulate the lighting conditions commonly encountered in everyday environments.

Product code If (mA) Vf (V) Luminous Flux (lm) Radiant flux (mW) SAI (380nm – 780nm) CCT
P3230005.01 350 2.8-3.6 3.5 20 95 2856K

– Full-spectrum accurate simulation for CIE A / halogen lamp / incandescent

– Homogeneous spectral power distribution

– 5.0mm × 5.0mm universal package

– Enhanced optical radiation density


– Hyperspectral device

– Photoelectric device and relevant research

– Reference / Background light source

– Spectral tuning and calibration

– Visible and infrared optical analyzer