Full Spectrum White LED (AP Series)

Yujileds® AP series 3030 LED is based on innovative and revolutionary technologies. It provides an unprecedented spectrum with ultra-homogeneous features within one compact package, where the color rendition performs superbly and stably. The AP series LED comes with three standard spectra of 2700K, 5000K, and 6500K corresponding to the CIE illuminants of A, D50, and D65 respectively. Compared to these standards, the AP spectra achieve 98% similarity within one compact package, unprecedented for all of the market's LEDs.

Product code RATED CURRENT CCT Power (W) Luminous Flux(lm) CRI TM-30
Rf / Rg
B3210005.27 260mA 2700K2700K 9 1000 98 98/101 99
B3210005.50 5000K 5600K5000K 9 98 98/101 99
B3210005.65 5000K 5600K6500K 9 98 98/101 99

– Ultra homogeneous spectrum

– Industrial grade high CRI performance, TLCI & TM-30 specified

– Optimized efficacy for full-spectrum

– Ultra consistent and precise color with Yujileds® SimpleBinning technology

(equal to <3-step MacAdam)

– 280mm (length) × 20mm (width), 48 LEDs

– Typical 260mA, 36V DC

– Constant current driving

– Aluminum substrate for excellent thermal dissipation

– Slim width, easy assembly


– High-end architectural lighting

– Photographic/broadcast lighting

– Horticulture lighting

– Human-centric lighting

– Photoelectric device and relevant research