How to choose a high CRI LED ribbon

Recent advances in LED technology allow for light sources with excellent color rendering qualities. In addition to the quality of light, versatility and flexibility (in both senses of the word) are also crucial for high CRI LEDs to be used in various applications. One of the best solutions to such challenges is our LED ribbon – a string of LEDs mounted on a flexible PCB circuit with an adhesive backing.

LED Ribbon

The most popular ribbons are assembled by 3528, 5050 or 5630 LEDs. Yuji provides these 3 kinds of ribbons by the meter with the following specifications:

Yuji LED Ribbon

High CRI LED ribbon can be used for professional photography and videography lighting, architectural lighting, high-end residential lighting, high-end retail and any other applications where flexibility and color quality are required.

Professional photography lighting: Violet chip product is recommended


Professional lighting for photography requires the highest standard of light quality. With advancements in high definition technology, image quality has improved drastically. But what about color? High definition only provides one part of the equation – higher resolution. Color, on the other hand, is the complementary dimension of high quality imagery. There is a limit to what can be done in post production to correct for color imbalances, because if the original light source used during shooting is deficient, certain colors will simply not exist in the shot, regardless of how much post-production effort or technology is used.

Photographers, DPs and gaffers will also find LED ribbon to be excellent solutions because they are so versatile. They can be cut freely along pre-defined lengths every 2 inches (5mm). This can provide lighting for narrow spaces or various shooting angles that traditional quartz or halogen sources cannot provide. 

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Light emitted from LEDs are considered “cool” because it converts electricity into useful visual wavelength light much more efficiently than traditional sources. Quartz and halogen sources often produce tremendous amounts of heat due to infrared emissions. LEDs provide virtually no infrared or UV and can eliminate burn hazards and facility cooling costs.

Yuji provides LEDs with CRI values unmatched by others in the industry. Our typical CRI is 97, with all R values typically over 90. This means that our daylight color temperatures (5600K) perfectly match sunlight, our tungsten color temperatures (3200K) perfectly matches halogen light sources. We even provide very warm CCT LEDs using our violet chips which render colors just like candles at an amazingly low 1900K (please contact us for details).

Architectural lighting: Blue chip LEDs recommended

LED ribbons match the distinct needs of architectural lighting where light output, quality and flexibility are all required.

Our blue chip LEDs provide a wide range of color temperatures suitable for a range of ambiances whether it is a high-end residence or a five-star hotel.

High-end retail & Art Lighting: Violet chip LEDs recommended

Blog High-end retail & Art Lighting
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High CRI LED ribbons help to reveal the true colors of jewelry and art perfectly. High quality items deserve to be shown under high quality light.

Other Lighting:

We have contacted some clients who work on aquarium, to show the rare and expensive fish with healthy lights; some clients who reproduce the old videos, high CRI LEDs help to restore the very original videos; some clients who produce scan equipment, the stuff being scanned needs high quality lights, etc. More and more people have strong need and are interested in high CRI ribbons.