Phosphors are a crucial material in the manufacture of white LEDs. Phosphor chemistry and composition largely determine an LED's efficiency, light quality and stability. At our subsidiary Nakamura Yuji, a joint venture with investment from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, we understand phosphor technology at a fundamental chemical level, allowing us to pursue the best chemical formulations and manufacturing processes that result in the highest quality possible.

SEM image of red phosphor powder


Despite a seemingly ubiquitous LED market, high brightness and stability are difficult to come by, particularly for high CRI LED products. Our consistent focus on improving the brightness and stability of red nitride phosphors has allowed us to become an industry leader in providing high CRI LEDs at efficiency levels and stability in line with standard CRI level LEDs on the market.


Our ability to work across LED phosphor, packaging, PCB & assembly facilities allows us to work provide highly customized products that meet your exact needs. Typical projects range from custom spectrums or color points (white & non-white), CRI/CCT combinations and PCB/fixture integration.


YAG LED Phosphors
Yttrium Aluminum Garnet LED phosphors are high efficiency phosphors suitable for coating LEDs with high CCT. Absorption peaks at 450 nm, and dominant emission wavelengths range from 540 - 560 nm.
LuAG LED Phosphors
Lutetium Aluminum Garnet LED phosphors offer comparable performance to YAG phosphors. We offer LuAG phosphors with dominant emission wavelengths ranging from 520 - 540 nm. Often used in conjunction with red phosphors for high CRI full spectrum coverage.
Nitride LED Phosphors
Nitride LED phosphors are crucial for high CRI and low CCT white LEDs. Dominant emission wavelengths range from 615 nm - 660 nm. They can also be applied in grow light LEDs where wide & stable red spectrum coverage is required.
Oxynitride LED Phosphors
LED Oxynitride phosphors can be used to package high CRI LEDs which require full spectrum coverage. Dominant emission wavelengths range from 500 nm to 650 nm.

All LED Phosphors

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Model λp D50 CIE X CIE Y
ZYP650G3 650 nm 15±1 μm 0.673 0.327
ZYP640G3 640 nm 7±1 μm 0.660 0.339
ZYP630G3 630 nm 15±1 μm 0.638 0.361
ZYP630SG3 629 nm 6±1 μm 0.633 0.366
ZYP615 616 nm 7±1 μm 0.620 0.379
ZYP550N 550 nm 12.5±1 μm 0.395 0.578
ZYP540NH 538 nm 16±1 μm 0.345 0.615
ZYP560NB 561 nm 16±1 μm 0.439 0.546
ZYP570N 565 nm 12.5±1 μm 0.460 0.530
ZYP595I 595 nm 15±1 μm 0.569 0.429
ZYP555G3 555 nm 14±1 μm 0.437 0.541
ZYP555SG2 553 nm 9±1 μm 0.431 0.544
ZYP550G3 551 nm 15±1 μm 0.426 0.548
ZYP550SG2 551 nm 8±1 μm 0.423 0.551
ZYP540SG2 544 nm 9±1 μm 0.418 0.552
ZYP540 540 nm 9±1 μm 0.413 0.556
ZYP530 531 nm 14±1 μm 0.380 0.573
ZYP520 520 nm 15±1 μm 0.332 0.582

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