The award-winning photographer  shared his experience of the shooting task with Yujileds high CRI series flexible strip and COB LED in the post below. With the widely use of LED technology in different lighting applications, now it is well recognized that the critical factors of a suitable LED source for photography should be:

• Excellent color rendition.
This is the key to present the true colors of the photographed subjects.

• The purity of white light.
This is sometimes ignored by photographers, however, it is still crucial that whether you could obtain the final images with desired color tones without complex post-production. Regardless of the warm or cold color, the concept of white purity is universal to create a natural “taste”.

• The flexibility of use, and lighting intensity.
Photography is a kind of creative work. Whether the light source is capable to achieve as highest or lowest intensity, whether it is easy to make light in a narrow corner, whether it can be used as linear, circled or in any specific shapes, these all decide if the feeling is “touching” enough.