APS 135L (LES: 8.4mm)

The APS series LED is designed for creating a new era of natural lighting spectrum LED with superb color rendering performance. Improving the artificial lighting as close to the sunlight is the eternal pursuit for the top LED manufacturers. However, the artificial lighting gets far away from the naturalness after the incandescent and halogen because the illumination principles of the later artificial lights are far away from the blackbody radiation, including LED.

Product code If (mA) Vf (V) Luminous Flux (lm) CCT CRI TM-30
Rf / Rg
P3220037.27 300 32-39 800-900 2700K2700K >97 98/100 99
P3220037.30 850-950 3000K 3200K3000K >97 98/100 99
P3220037.40 950-1050 4000K4000K >97 98/100 99

– 99% similarity to the sunlight spectrum

– Industrial high CRI performance

– 10W power consumption

– 13.5 mm × 13.5 mm chip-on-board LED

– Φ8.4 mm light emtting surface

– TLCI & TM-30 specified

– SimpleBinning solution


– High-end architectural lighting

– Healthy lighting

– Photoelectric device and relevant research